What is good software?

Good software is that which meets user expectations - both stated (explicit) and assumed (implicit).

For example, for a banking app, it is explicit that a user might want to check their balance or transfer money. It is implicit that the user expects their data to be handled securely and in accordance with banking regulations.

It should meet the legal requirements of whichever jurisdiction in which it operates (I appreciate that there are some big and bold assumptions being made here).

It should not cause harm that could reasonably have been foreseen. I remember some years ago a Q&A site that became popular with school kids. The site allowed anonymous posting and some kids used it to bully other kids, in one case with tragic consequences. I believe the site was eventually shutdown and the owners pleaded innocence on the basis of ignorance. I think this is a problem within the tech industry - the benefits of a lack of regulation and lack of accountability create other problems. I see parallels today with many Big Tech Platform companies claiming that they are not responsible for how their platforms are used. Really? When was that decided and by whom?

What else?